Best Advice I Ever Got: Be Better Today Than Yesterday

John Tabis is the founder and CEO of The Bouqs Company, a cut-to-order online flower delivery service. Connect with John and @TheBouqs on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Entrepreneurship in Bloom

Some of the best stories of entrepreneurship come from a place of frustration. At least that's how my story began. I was ordering flowers online and could not believe how complicated this simple action had become. Giving flowers is a joyous, beautiful gesture of love. But ordering flowers is often a hellishly twisted maze of upselling, false promises, cheesy teddy bears, and hidden fees.

So my co-founder, JP Montufar, and I started thinking about ways to improve the online flower business. Our company, The Bouqs, delivers flowers fresh from the side of a South American volcano anywhere in the U.S. for $40 dollars flat. The business has grown almost 10 times its original size and the team is growing as well. We've been featured in Thrillist and Oprah Magazine, and on ABC's reality hit Shark Tank.

Still, it hasn't always been a path full of roses, ladybugs, and candy. I've learned plenty along the way, and avoided some pitfalls thanks to great advice from some very smart people:

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